C.W. Automation Inc., has many years experience in designing, building and electrically service control systems for many areas of agriculture including:

  • Manure handling and processing for the Dairy Industry
    • Drying
    • Screw Presses
    • Pumping
    • Digesters
  • Barn fan controllers
    • Custom and off the shelve controllers for running fans in barns and free stall barns
    • Tunnel Type fan controllers
    • Smart controllers to automatically sense the inside and outside temperature and adjust the fan speeds automatically without the need for human interface.
  • Grain Handling
    • Custom grain dryer control panels to operate many different style driers, come to us with your drying process and we will develop a cost-effective solution.
    • Grain handling, conveying and auguring.
    • Grain Blowers, we have a standard design grain blower for blowing grain through tubes from point A to point B.