The fastest and safest way to operate a sectional garage door!

The SueMax LS door controller is designed and programmed for quick and easy setup. It offers compatibility with several different door designs and operators. It has been developed with optimum safety and ease of use in mind. Its design and program offer remote operation, radio control operation, automatic timers, all safety and entry devices, and is simple to upgrade if necessary. The PLC is programmed and ready to go except for a few entries to finalize some of the functions. It operates by means of a Program Logic Controller with HMI, Reversing Contractors and Limit Switches.

Simple Energy Savings – Whether your heating or air conditioning the building.

High Speed door operation fully adjustable to your application
Standard operator & controller operates via 120VAC.
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Safety – Move your door safely and quickly

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Supports Safety Edges (wired or wireless)
Safety Eyes (standard or UL325)
Light Curtains of any length
Loop Detectors (safety, entrance and exit)
Radio Controls
Pushbutton Stations
In conjunction with safety comes intelligence, should the SueMax™ receive feedback of a door impediment, the door will remember where it was last impeded and slow down to approach that point for the next single operation to reduce repeat impediment.

Extended Door Life

Due to the soft starting & soft stopping of the doors operation, the operator is gentle on the mechanics of the door, extending the life while reducing service required saving you money and down time.

Intelligent Controller

Operator knows the doors position at all times allowing for fine tuning of the doors function.
Fully adjustable acceleration, deceleration, full speed & slow speed functions.
Individual tuning for the points at which the door slows down in the open and closing position.
Door Intelligence
The Operator knows and remembers where the door is. If the door meets an obstruction, it quickly returns to the open position and on the next close cycles slows down to verify that the obstruction is clear increasing the safety of operation.
Adjustable Mid-Stop
When you have a tall door but do not require full open operation, the SueMax operator offers adjustable mid-stop function. The door will operate within the easily programmed parameters, not opening fully reduces energy loss from the building. Anytime you need to open the door fully give the controller an OPEN command when it’s stopped at the mid stop position.
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Under the Hood

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Built to last over 200,000 cycles, this robust controller will long last the cycle life of springs and doors.

Inputs Supported

Open & Close Push Buttons
Stop Pushbutton
Hand/Auto Selector Switch
Door Closed Limit
Radio Controls
Safety Inputs (Eyes, Edge, etc.)
UL325 Safeties, When Specified
Loop Detectors
Keypad Entry
Toll Tags

Outputs Supported

Door Fully Open
Door Fully Closed
Door In Motion
Warning Horns
Warning Lights
Interlocking Of Doors

Two Operator Models Available

Standard Trolley Style

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Jack Shaft Style

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