About Us

Whether you need a new industrial door automation control panel or need to modify an existing controller, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.
CW Automation is experienced in a broad range of industrial door styles and operator controllers. We have developed applications controlling Industrial and Commercial Doors with Mechanical, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic operators or a combination of these operators. We can design a custom solution for your specific needs.
We can design a custom solution for your specific needs.
  • Four Fold[+]
  • Top Hung and Rolling[+]
  • Swing[+]
  • Vertical Lift[+]
  • Hanger[+]
  • Tip Up[+]
  • Aperture Sliding Systems[+]
  • Bi-Parting[+]
Our door controllers can be integrated with a variety of options that are available for any door style or operator:
  • Automatic timed closing[+]
  • Multiple door operation from a single control station[+]
  • Card Reader[+]
  • Alarms[+]
  • Adjustable Speeds[+]
  • All Safety Devices[+]
  • Radio Controls[+]
  • Strobe-Lights[+]
  • Warning Horns[+]
  • Loop Detectors[+]
  • We can custom build to your specific application requirements for any voltage.[+]
  • Input Voltage[+]
  • Control Voltage[+]
Or check out our Basic and SueMax pre-programmed controllers.